Please do not follow
if the following applies to you:

    > You're racist / xenophobic
    > You don't support the LGBT+ Community
    > You're a truscum, terf, or transmed.
    > You're against/dislike he/him lesbians or she/her gays.
    > You think bi/pan lesbians exist.
    > You think being pansexual is transphobic or biphobic (hint: it's not)
    > You think being aroace/asexual is inherantly LGBT.
    > You think cishet asexuals are considered LGBT
    > You're Against neopronouns & xenogenders.
    > You like freak shit (incest, p*do ships/content, etc)
    > You like or have any interest in the DDLG kink. Fuck off.

I love interacting with mutuals!! I do sometimes not respond to replies, only due to my anxiousness or not knowing how to respond. Please don't take it the wrong way if you were looking for a response. You can always dm me if there's an issue! :3

I also block liberally.
Don't take it too personally.

I don't follow anyone back who is under 18.

I don't need anything tagged except mentions of csa & p*dophilia if you can.

NOTE: Please do not tag my username in callout posts. If you want to make me aware I'm following someone toxic, please dm me. Especially if the callout has to do with manipulation & gaslighting. They're triggering topics for me.